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SecsToHost.Net, SecsToTool.Net and General SECS/GEM Frequently Asked Questions


This section contains all the Frequently Asked Questions for SecsToHost.Net

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Can I generate the SECS/GEM Reference Manual without a developer license 238
Can I use SecsToHost.Net as a pure SECS II message handling without the GEM features 228
During runtime the host is updating my Equipment Constant values. Can I make these value stored in the tool model persistent 190
How to integrate SecsToHost.Net into my Equipment application that was developed in legacy technology i.e.: VB6, VC++6 and COM 228
What are the SECS messages requested by Host that is automatically handled by SecsToHost.Net? 209
What are the steps to generate the SECS/GEM Reference Manual with SecsToHost.Net SDK? 254