INSPHERE TECHNOLOGY PTE LTD provides automation and SECS/GEM connectivity softwares/solutions for both FAB users and OEM equipment manufacturers in semiconductor and related industries.

All of our software products leverage on open-architecture, easy to use and minimum coding approach so that it can be seamlessly be integrated into your Host/Equipment software

SecsToHost.Net (For Equipment Manufacturer)
SecsToHost.Net is a full implementation of semiconductor industry's standard for equipment to host communications, including SECS II (E5), HSMS (High Speed SECS Message Services, E37), and is fully GEM (E30) compliant

With SecsToHost.Net, equipment manufacturer can integrate the SECS/GEM capabilities to their existing equipment application seamlessly or with minimum code required.

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SecsToTool.Net (For Host/FAB Users)
SecsToTool.Net is a powerful tool that enable the Fabs users or System Integrator to easily implement the station controller application that interface with the SECS/GEM equipments.

SecsToTool.Net libaries are designed to provide a high-level and easy to use APIs to send/receive large messages.

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Quick Guide

This video provides an interactive guide to integrate SecsToHost.Net into your application!